About Us

Though some of the faces have changed, since 1959 Ciardella’s has offered its services and experience to landscapers, contractors, nurseries, architects, home owners and any other seekers of garden supplies and gardening knowledge. It’s a dirty business and we love it. We bring you an extensive product line that comes from near and far. We’ve even shipped some of our products as far as Hawaii.

Our Team

Larry Ciardella, President (Retired)
Bob Budelli, Vice President (Retired)
Dave Ciardella, General Manager (Retired)
Lourdez Avalos, Office Manager
Marisela Sanchez Bush, Sales Associate/Bookkeeping
Miriam Aburto, Sales Associate
Enrique Magana-Lara, Associate
Jose Magana-Martinez, Associate
Salvador Aldama, Associate
Manuel Villagran, Associate

Proud Supplier of Materials for the San Francisco Giants

“ATT Sunset Panorama” by Bspangenberg – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Proud supporter of CANGC:

Our commitment to serving our local community remains strong. We are pleased to support the following organizations: